Certified Lease and Finance Professionals

Financial Pacific Leasing is a sponsor and supporter of the CLFP Foundation (Certified Lease & Finance Professional). The CLFP designation sets the standard for professionalism in the leasing industry. This designation identifies and recognizes individuals within the leasing industry who have demonstrated their competency through continued education, testing, and conduct.

The letters ‘CLFP’ that follow a name represents a visible recognition of this professional achievement and status.

Financial Pacific Leasing has one of the largest number of CLFPs on staff in the country.

The Financial Pacific Leasing CLFPs are:

  • Amber Deffert, CLFP
  • Brian Black, CLFP
  • Christine Vaughn, CLFP
  • Cindy Grover, CLFP
  • Evelyn Allcorn, CLFP
  • Jill Brothers, CLFP
  • Joanne Ludeman, CLFP
  • Josh Huyck, CLFP
  • Karin Walker, CLFP
  • Kim Roseborough, CLFP
  • Krista Pressnall, CLFP
  • Kristi Serrano, CLFP
  • Laura Carini, CLFP
  • Lauren Timlin, CLFP
  • Lia Wax, CLFP
  • Marlena Reams, CLFP
  • Mary Armstrong, CLFP
  • Megan Reigstad, CLFP
  • Misty Nystrom, CLFP
  • Pauniece Shuck, CLFP
  • Rebecca Bylin, CLFP
  • Ryan Magee, CLFP
  • Samantha Nettles, CLFP
  • Sonja Legg, CLFP
  • Terey Jennings, CLFP
  • Tiffany Reiter, CLFP
  • Vickii Robinson, CLFP
  • Wade Rignell, CLFP